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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Four renewable energy assistance grants awarded by USDA


HILO, Hawaii (U.S. Department of Agriculture) â€" Chris J. Kanazawa, state director for USDA Rural Development, announced the selection of four businesses in Guam and the CNMI to receive Rural Energy for America or REAP grants totaling $48,335.

“These awards clearly demonstrate the Obama administration’s effort to create a clean energy economy,” stated Kanazawa, State Director for Hawaii and the Western Pacific. “The REAP will enable owners of rural businesses, farms, and ranches to develop renewable energy systems and improve energy efficiency to save thousands of kilowatt hours of energy annually.”


• American Printing Corporation - $24,170

The company will use the grant to purchase a 20 KwH photovoltaic solar, grid interconnected system which will be installed on the roof top of the company’s commercial building along Chalan San Antonio in Tamuning. American Printing Corporation was incorporated in 1976 and is one of Guam’s oldest and largest printing companies on island. The company, which remains family owned and operated offers a full range of printing and copying services.   APC’s co-owner and manager James Yu, says that “with the doubling of the cost of power, his family’s business began looking for ways to control its power bill.” APC’s monthly power bill ranged from $4,000 to $5,000 a month, “it’s a lot of money,” Yu says. “Guam has been our home for over 36 years and knowing we are saving energy while doing our part to save our environment and to make Guam a greener place, is a rewarding feeling.” “Based on the projections of the solar energy system’s capacity, “American Printing expects its next power bill to be cut in half,” Yu says.

• Green Energy Solutions Inc. - $17,250

Grant funds will be used to purchase a 10KwH photovoltaic solar system that will be mounted on the roof of their office. GESI is a locally owned Guam company established in 2012. The company specializes in packaging affordable solar Photovoltaic and wind turbine power generation systems for homes and small businesses. GESI provides consulting, design, supply and installation and warrants every system installed.   GESI’s founder and President, Mr. Alfred Lam stated, “On Guam we’re paying so much for the power bill, and I want to do something for Guam to save people’s power bills.” Both Lam and his Director and Field Operation Manager Patrick Quintanilla stressed the values of the company and how customers can capitalize on savings through the customizable systems GESI can build. Since the systems are customizable. “Bottom line is we want to create solar power systems that’s affordable, and the people of Guam can enjoy it. That’s basically our mission,” Lam concluded.

The system is projected to generate approximately 13,113Kwh per year and save the company over $7,128 annually in electricity costs. “We will end up Zeroing out on our utility cost! The solar system will also serve a dual purpose by allowing potential customers the opportunity to see firsthand, how the systems look, designed, installed, and more importantly how they produce power,” stated Mr. Lam.

• Automated Energy Systems - $4,282

To purchase a 1.6KwH Photovoltaic Solar System with an iPV dual axis tracking system which machnically adjusts the positioning of the solar panels in the direction of the sun to maximize system efficiency and output. AES is a locally owned company established since 2006. AES provides energy efficient lighting, solar hot water systems and roof insulation services and expanded into solar PV systems in early 2012. Company President Harvey Yu states that, “Solar PV systems are the wave of the future and while the technology is relatively new to the Guam market, it is a tried and true system, that if designed correctly, could supplement one’s entire power engery needs. Consumers often focus on the cost so we try and refocus their attention to the cost savings,” he says.


• Servino & Associates, Inc. - $2,633

To purchase a 5KwH grid tied Solar PV system which will be used by the firm at it’s office in Saipan. Servino & Associates has been serving the people of the Marianas since 1997 with office’s in both Saipan and Guam. The company’s president, Jose Servino, has over 50 years of electrical engineering experience and is also a Certified Energy Manager.   “Electricity costs in Saipan are amonst the higest in the Marianas, and as a small business struggling to make ends meet, any savings we realize can make a world of difference to us,” stated Servino. “Ultizing free energy from the sun therefore makes all the sense in the world….. sure the intitial costs can be discouraging but the cost savings is well worth the investment in the long run,” concluded Servino.

“We want to reach out to more businesses an offer a viable alternative for financing both for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems,” stated Joe Diego, area director. “Investment in these systems can be costly and RD offers eligible businesses with an affordable mechanism to finance these systems, which will ultimately help these businesses, become more sustainable in the face of rising energy costs.”

The Rural Energy for America Program authorized through the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, provides assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to complete a variety of projects. Offering both loan guarantees and grants, the REAP program helps eligible applicants install renewable energy systems such as solar panels or anaerobic digesters, make energy efficiency improvements such as installing irrigation pumps or replacing ventilation systems, and conduct energy audits and feasibility studies.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack noted that the funding announcement is another reminder of the importance of USDA programs for rural America. A comprehensive new Food, Farm and Jobs Bill would further expand the rural economy. He said that’s just one reason why Congress must get a comprehensive Food, Farm and Jobs Bill done as soon as possible.

President Obama’s plan for rural America has brought about historic investment and resulted in stronger rural communities. Under the president’s leadership, these investments in housing, community facilities, businesses and infrastructure have empowered rural America to continue leading the way â€" strengthening America’s economy, small towns and rural communities. USDA’s investments in rural communities support the rural way of life that stands as the backbone of our American values.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marianas Variety - Today's Headlines

Marianas Variety - Today's HeadlinesFeds should step inCHC’s survival a ‘miracle’Cameras, cell phones banned in polling boothsCop in hit and run case charged with escape in 1990Do you remember life during the Japanese era in the NMI?DEAR READERS

Marianas Variety - Saipan News & Views - Micronesia's Leading Newspaper Since 1972. Saipan's 1st Interactive News Website. Wed, 31 Oct 2012 10:05:49 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-us AFTER two days, more than 200 had responded to U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan’s on-line petition demanding a federal investigation of corruption in the CNMI government.

As of 5:31 p.m. yesterday, 204 individuals had signed in at, which is addressed to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In addition to Sablan, the first 10 petitioners included Canice Taitano and Aging Office social worker Joan Aquino.

]]> (By Emmanuel T. Erediano - Reporter) frontpage Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:40:17 +0000 THE Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.’s recently released first annual report contained a detailed “list of accomplishments” touted by chief executive officer Juan N. Babauta who described CHC’s survival as a “miracle.” ]]> (By Tammy Doty - Reporter) frontpage Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:34:08 +0000 CAMERAS, cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in polling booths on Nov. 6. ]]> (By Emmanuel T. Erediano - Reporter) frontpage Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:30:29 +0000 THERE’S a standing penal summons for Police Officer 1 Martin I Kapileo, 50, on a charge of escape in 1990, according to Superior Court documents. ]]> (By Andrew O. De Guzman - Reporter) frontpage Tue, 30 Oct 2012 15:28:43 +0000 PEOPLE who remember living during the Japanese colonial period (1914-1944) are invited to be part of an ongoing research project conducted by Saipan resident Jessica Jordan, according to her media release. ]]> (Press Release) frontpage Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:56:08 +0000 The Marianas Variety website is being upgraded, and this is why most of you cannot log in and post comments. ]]> (By Zaldy Dandan - Editor) frontpage Thu, 25 Oct 2012 02:35:14 +0000
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Human trafficking on Guam


Latest News
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'Talk, don't hit'
Human trafficking on Guam
USDA-NRCS to strech out to farmers
DCCA secretary opposes justice sequence to return worker
Dora visits Dora
Day of Unity during Garapan Central Park today
Saipan senatorial possibilities to take partial in cover forum
Corrections officer wins $15k grand prize
DPS central says impeachment conference a 'waste of time,' takes a Fifth

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Human trafficking on Guam

HAGÅTÑA - Modern day labour continues to exist internationally in what is famous as tellurian trafficking; and for a tiny island, Guam has been sinister by this issue.
In this year alone, sovereign prosecutors cumulative a successful life judgment opposite a loll owners who forced young, newcomer women from Chuuk into prostitution, and are in a routine of prosecuting a box opposite a former construction association owners who recruited, abused and under-paid unfamiliar workers.
Guam was faced with dual common forms of tellurian trafficking: passionate exploitation and forced labor.
Blue House
Hitting a headlines this year was a box surrounding a Blue House Karaoke that close down in Jan 2008 after it was detected that Chuukese women were being hold warrant for harlotry underneath a control of loll owners Song Ja Cha.
Song Ja Cha
The 71-year-old Cha was condemned final month in sovereign justice to life seizure after carrying been convicted of sex trafficking; swindling to dedicate sex trafficking; attempted sex trafficking; duress and attractiveness to transport in widespread or unfamiliar commerce for prostitution; and transport of a teenager for prostitution.
During sentencing, Judge Dean Pregerson settled that Cha's acts were "not distant private from slavery."
From 2004 to 2008, Cha recruited poor, immature and untaught women from Chuuk by earnest them high-paying jobs. Yet when a women arrived, Cha nude them of their passports and used a accumulation of means to enforce a victims to rivet in prostitution.
During hearing in Feb 2011, plant testimonies suggested that Cha had forced a women to take birth control shots and threatened to have them arrested if they designed to shun by demonstrating her connectors with military who busy a lounge. The victims were forced to sell drinks and have sex with business in VIP bedrooms while Cha pocketed a profits.
On a other finish of a spectrum of tellurian trafficking is a box surrounding a former construction company: Transrama Guam Inc., that also did business as "The Mechanic."
Although no longer in business, association owners Ramachandran Vadivallo, aka Vicraama Sarada or Vic Rama, was indicted in sovereign justice in late Aug on charges of mail fraud, visa fraud, income laundering, and rascal in unfamiliar labor contracting. The box was hermetic for dual years until sum of a review and raid in 2010 eventually surfaced, followed by a indictment.
According to justice documents, Vadivallo recruited 10 visitor workers from Malaysia and Indonesia. As they arrived on Guam, he educated them to obey their passports and general driver's licenses.
Prior to a unfamiliar workers' arrivals, justice papers indicated, Vadivallo would indoctrinate them around discussion calls on Skype on what to respond to immigrations officials when they arrived. Vadivallo  told a recruits that their transport and visa losses would be compensated; however, they were never paid.
Two of a Transrama H-2B workers assisted during a investigation, detailing Vadivallo's recruitment intrigue and income and labor abuses. Federal agents schooled that a unfamiliar workers worked between 200 to 400 hours a month and perceived a income trimming from $500 to reduction than $2,000 a month, operative 6 days a week. According to justice documents, one workman brought in from Indonesia was identified as a slightest paid, earning a prosaic rate of $500 a month.
It was suggested during an clandestine video and audio recording by one of a workers that Vadivallo was in possession of a workers' passports and during other times had verbally threatened and educated a workers to distortion to authorities if they were questioned about their work.
Although Vadivallo doesn't face any trafficking charges, a box opposite him is one that vividly illustrates forced labor. He pleaded guilty to a charges filed opposite him and is set to face hearing in Nov. 20.


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Friday, October 5, 2012

Miah arrested, again; says detectives tormented him, searched his residence but warrant


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Fitial: Fletcher lies
Miah arrested, again; says detectives tormented him, searched his residence but warrant
Farmers can request for $300K USDA grant
Customs K9 handler admits 'ice' charge
Farrell did a right thing, says Quichocho
OPA: Ada agreement violates NMI law
Free business workshop
BREAKING NEWS: Don Farrell resigns from Tinian gaming commission
Stop personification politics with people's lives, Rota lawmakers tell Fitial

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Miah arrested, again; says detectives tormented him, searched his residence but warrant

THE Department of Public Safety arrested final night Mohammad Jahangir Miah, also famous as Jimmy, on charges of receiving stolen property.
Miah is approaching to be brought to  Superior Court for his initial coming and bail conference today. Other sum of this box were not immediately available.
Several hours before his arrest, Miah complained yesterday afternoon that several DPS detectives tormented him and his family and illegally searched his chateau on Wednesday night.
"I suspicion it's my final day that night. I'm meditative that somebody was out to kill me. My crony was also great inside my room," Miah told Variety.
In Aug 2011, Miah certified one count of conspiring to unlawfully furnish and send marker documents. Miah's sentencing conference had been deferred several times.
While watchful for his sentencing, Miah was attempted early this year per a bootleg shopping and fake cashing of CNMI Treasury remission checks, though was vindicated by a sovereign court.
DPS open information officer PO2 Jason Tarkong told Variety final night that he would speak with detectives involved, and "find out their side of a story."
"I'll brief a [DPS] commissioner, and I'll get behind to we as shortly as possible," Tarkong emailed Variety.
Miah pronounced a officers didn't brand themselves or uncover their badges, and didn't have any aver when they entered and searched his residence.
Miah pronounced he also reported a occurrence to a U.S. Probation Office that placed an electronic monitoring device on his ankle. He is watchful for his sovereign sentencing conference and also has tentative cases in  Superior Court.
Miah pronounced a 3 detectives who stood outward his chateau in San Antonio were Jeff Olopai, administrator of a operations units of a Criminal Investigation Bureau, Melissa Bauleong and Jonathan Decena.
Bauleong and Decena arrived after a incident, Variety schooled from a DPS source.
Miah pronounced 3 some-more detectives in municipal garments entered his chateau but any warrant, tormented him and his family and searched their rooms.
Miah pronounced he and a masculine crony were in a apart room while his mother was in their bedroom when he listened someone banging on his doorway and wooden divider, between 7 and 7:30 p.m. on  Oct. 3.
Miah pronounced his house's categorical doorway was partially opened, "but still a military didn't have a right to enter and searched my house."
Miah pronounced he immediately incited off a light, out of fear, since he pronounced he saw some-more than 6 persons surrounding his house.
Miah pronounced he listened his mother revelation him to open a doorway since authorities were looking for his crony whom a Miahs called "Master Islam" who wasn't in his chateau during a time.
Miah pronounced a comparison officer and  dual rookie detectives entered his house.
When Miah asked for a warrant, one of a detectives pronounced they had one for Islam.
Miah told a investigator they could not  enter his house.
"I have a right to get inside," Miah quoted a investigator as revelation him while pulling him tough on a chest.
One of a rookie detectives, Miah added, followed while regularly cheering during Miah: "You're going to get it!"
Miah pronounced he was indicted of harboring his friend, Master Islam, or shopping from Islam some of a stolen equipment from William S. Reyes Elementary School.
Afterward, Miah pronounced Olopai approached him and apologized to him in front of a other detectives.
Variety was told by a source that a detectives were on a "fishing expedition" - they were "attempting to gain pieces of justification by extra-judicial means."


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